Fish and Seafood Box-Treasures from the Waters

Fish and Seafood Box-Treasures from the Waters


Juniper Farm

Treasures of the Waters in a curated box for you to enjoy with FREE LOBSTER from Scout canning. 

Enjoy the gifts of the St-Lawrence river, the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes, and fish farms in the area.   The box includes fish, sea food, sea weed, sea salt and spread.

Curated fish box (value of 280$)

 From the Gulf of the St. Lawrence: (All items are frozen): 1 pack 200g Halibut, 1 pack 300g Atlantic Wild Sole, 1 pack 300g Atlantic Redfish

From Ocean Wise Certified Quebec Ferme Piscicole des Bobines (All items are frozen): 1 jar 125g of smoked rainbow trout spread, 2 packs 200g of smoked trout slices

From Cedar Creek Farm, Shawville, QC: (All items are frozen): 2 packs of regular trout, 2 packs of smoked trout

From the Great Lakes in Ontario:  2 cans 90g of Ontario trout with dill

From Prince Edward Island: 2 cans 100g of PEI mussels and 1 can 90g of Atlantic lobster

From the Gaspésie region of Québec: 1 jar 50g of Fisherman's Fleur de Sel with seaweed, 1 pack 35g of Whole Kombu seaweed,  1 pack 20g of Sea Lettuce, and 1 pack 30g of Wakame Kelp flakes 

From the St, Lawrence River: 1 jar 190ml of marinated Sea Asparagus