Farmer's Meat Box (great value with FREE FOOD in the box)

Farmer's Meat Box (great value with FREE FOOD in the box)


Juniper Farm

Here is another amazing curated box from our local farmers with FREE FOOD if you buy one of our farmer's meat boxes.

Having taken a pause raising meat on our own farm, we offer you the most delicious tasting meat from our neighbours.

Eat from y/our LOCAL farms: Berg en Dal, Ferme Sol, Priest Creek Farm, Peabody Farm and Grazing Days Farm.  Several of these are designated regenerative farms and the other use grass-fed and natural practices.

Curated meat box (value of 275$)

Ferme Sol Mutton: 1 pack ground 1lbs

Berg en Dal Farm Lamb:  1 leg roast, 1 pack of ground lamb 1lbs, 2 packs of lamb shoulder slices and lamb bones (for soups or sauces) 

Peabody Farm Pork : 2 packs of pork chops (2 chops per pack) and 2 packs of ground pork 1lbs 

Grazing Days Farm Pork: 1 smoked pork ham and pork bones (for soups or sauces) 

Priest Creek Farm Beef: 2 packs of ground beef 1lbs and 2 packs of stewing cubes 1lbs