Juniper Farm is a small scale, diversified, and certified organic farm located in Wakefield, QC.

We, Alex and Juniper, our two sons and various extended family have owned and operated our farm for the past decade. We are committed and grateful to the earth, sun and sky from which our food flourishes. We foster this relationship with constant care and consideration for the soil and all the elements that go into growing. We use biodynamic principles to help us grow nutrient-rich food. It is our pleasure and life work to be farmers. We love feeding our community!

We are proud to offer our veggies, fruit, meat and eggs through our CSA weekly produce baskets, our farm store, and at many fine restaurants and retailers in Ottawa, Chelsea and Wakefield.

Check out our photos of what a season of CSA vegetables looks like here.

CTV visits Juniper Farm

Montreal Gazette visits Juniper Farm

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