We offer five varieties of sauerkraut: Traditional, Fennel, Beet, Golden and Kimchi, and specialty seasonal small batches.

We started making sauerkraut years ago, as a way to offer naturally preserved, health-promoting vegetables to our community. Little did we know then that it would grow to be such a big part of our farm! We now offer our fermented vegetables at our farm store and online delivered to your door, but also through more than 25 retailers throughout the region!

We still stick to the old world method of making our ferments, using large ceramic crocks to house our beautiful cabbage as it transforms into sauerkraut. Did you know that the basic kraut recipe only has two ingredients? Just cabbage and salt! Wild fermentation is a near-magical process, and the result is delicious, versatile, and incredibly beneficial for the health of your digestive system.

Find our ferments at many fine retailers, including:

The Herb & Spice Shop (Bank)
The Herb & Spice Shop (Wellington)
Nature’s Buzz
Natural Food Pantry
Rainbow Foods
Magasin Général La Pêche
Whole Foods
Magasin Général de Wakefield
La Boîte à Grains
La boulangerie Pipolinka

Interested in stocking our ferments? Email us at info@juniperfarm.ca

Eat our ferments with meat, or in soups, salads, sandwiches. Enjoy!