Our newest addition in 2021 is the Juniper Farm takeout window.  It's farm to table fare while you are visiting the farm. 

Our takeout window will be open for hot drinks, soups, stews to eat around the fire when the weather is its coldest and we will be starting up May 14, 15th for a wider menu of prepared foods coming out the window.

The takeout window has the same hours as the farmstore and will be open year round.

Contact for catering plates coming out of the Juniper Farm kitchen for the holidays and beyond.

 Even though the menu changes weekly with the seasonal harvest. Here is an example of a menu from late August 2021


Picture above is Farmhop festival 2018
Staff meals and community dinners at Juniper Farm are what ties our team
and community together in connection, communication and understanding. We have just started up again our internal staff meals and are excited for more things to unfold.

We have hosted many chefs for special Juniper Farm festivals, events and dinners as well as cooked a ton of it ourselves with our own developed skill and appreciation for wholesome farm food and flavours.

The Juniper Farm onsite commercial kitchen has produced many delicious small batch food items to date.  Here are some of our favourites: our famous pumpkin spiced mini donuts, cauldrons full of heirloom tomato and pulled pork stews, herbed popcorn, pumpkin spiced smoothies, pumpkin pies, veggie soups, and fresh salsas.

We also make small batches of food items which are available in the farmstore, on site and online. Here are the most popular: fermented hot sauces, farm pestos, and pickled and canned veggies (radishes, carrots, beans).

There is so much inspiration from the fields flowing in daily! Taste the
down home farm vibes in all of our prepared food products.