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We love food! Growing, eating, harvesting, crafting, fermenting, cooking, serving, sourcing, preserving, raising and celebrating! This is what we do at Juniper Farm . . .

We craft artisinal fermented foods

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We have a farmstore and tearoom, self guided tours and fun farm animals.

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We have a takeout farm-to-table window onsite and make farm food in small batches.

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Juniper Farm from above

Our friends at Steadii Creative took this sweet footage of our farm. See what our farm looks like from a bird's eye.

Prepared Meal FRESH-Ishii Stone Bowl
Prepared Meal FRESH-Ishii Stone Bowl

Prepared Meal FRESH-Ishii Stone Bowl


Juniper Farm

 A fresh meal for you to enjoy on delivery/pick up day prepared by our very own Juniper Farm kitchen chef Caroline Ishii! 

This meal is vegan and this week it has a Japanese-style food theme. It has an assortment of seasonal vegetables prepared different ways, sprouts, pickled veg, some house made sauces/dips. This bowl changes weekly. 

The Ishii Stone Bowl 
Ishii in Japanese means stone, and the third i (eye) means well, so "stone well." The weekly bowl combines the legend of the stone soup, where everyone contributes a small amount to make a meal that everyone shares. For Juniper Farm, this means everyone on the farm working together to plant the seeds, tend to the crops, harvest the produce, create the food, and deliver it to you. The Ishii Stone bowl is about my weekly inspiration from the beautiful organic harvest at the farm, the magic of cooperation, and sharing this miracle with you. I hope you enjoy it!  
Love Chef Caroline Ishii


Our online store is an extension of our farmstore . . . we have all your local food needs covered

Most of the vegetables, fermented foods and farm processed food items come from our own certified organic and biodynamic farm in Wakefield, QC. Our store sources food from other local farms in QC and ON who farm in an ethical, ecological and often certified organic way. We also source organic food items grown and processed in QC. Things that we can not grow in QC like coffee and chocolate we source from organizations that uphold fair-trade and organic standards. We hope you enjoy our carefully curated selection of amazing and delicious food items.

Don't take our word for it, take some of our customer's . . .

High quality, nourishing food

Claudia from Ottawa, ON

I received my order today and it’s the first time I've ordered through your store directly. I was so impressed by not only the delicately packaged goods that came intact but also because of the freshness of all the produce. Wow this just blew my mind. I order most of our produce online from local organic vendors but you guys have been, by far, the best. The collard greens, kale, lettuce, dill…etc etc just popped out in colour and crispness. I’m still amazed as you can see. I am looking forward to my future orders. Thank you for providing such high quality nourishing food. 

Loving the delivery service

Adrienne from Chelsea, QC

Just wanted to tell you guys how much we are loving your delivery service. The food is amazing. It’s the highlight of our week.
Thank-you for offering such an excellent, quality, safe service. Everything is delicious.

What keeps me coming back

Destini from Low, QC

What keeps me coming back and supporting Juniper Farm? The level of high quality of food they produce, the variety of heirloom vegetables that they offer, the sense of deepened community connection with the farmers and growers, and the opportunity to visit the farm itself and participate in season events offered on the farm. Their capacity to grow and transform in sustainable ways, inspires. Will I continue supporting them for years to come? You betcha, and with heart. 

Biodynamic Farm

Natalie from Ottawa, ON

We especially love how Juniper and Alex stay in tune with the rhythm of nature, the seasons and have a beautiful biodynamic approach. The fresh veggies are amazing and we appreciate all of the opportunities to visit the farm with our kids. They love checking out the pigs, chickens/hens and turkeys and the farm is beautiful.  It is a magical place.

Farm to Table

Emma from Aylmer, QC

It honestly doesn't get any better than this. Juniper Farm does lunch Friday to Sunday serving all of their amazing veg right from their garden literally metres away! SO clean and so fresh! Thank-you!

Our Farm

375 Shouldice Rd. Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0


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